Opinion: Why Supporting Sustainability Is Key For The Luxury Industry

Opinion: Why Supporting Sustainability Is Key For The Luxury Industry LVMH’s latest move to partner with designer Stella McCartney signalled a wider move in the luxury industry to support sustainability and make it aspirational. Brands, both big and small, luxury and mass, will have to follow suit, explains Diana Verde Nieto. Sustainability often seems like…


The Video Opportunity for Luxury Brands

Affluent audiences are less likely to share online, which helps us understand why luxury brands get far less traction online than mainstream brands; you are speaking to a group of people that don’t interact as much. Cream UK evaluates how this impacts video efforts.


At Baselworld, Luxury Timepieces Detect a Slowdown

BASEL, Switzerland — Strapped into a cockpit-style seat, eyes peering through heavy black goggles, you can almost feel the G-force as you hurtle down the bobsled run, seat rattling and shoulders slamming as you tilt through violent twists and turns.

3 Ways Luxury Brands Brought Their Values to Life at Baselworld

Baselworld is celebrating its 100th year. The luxury watch & jewelry show is one of the only of its kind that unites the entire industry – from top luxury watch and jewelry brands to independent watchmakers and machine manufacturers. DLG’s Genna Meredith shares three ways luxury watch brands brought their values to life during this…