Which Luxury Brands Are Reaching Millennial Shoppers?

As consumer behaviors shift towards a more digital, social and experiential economy, so does the luxury industry. Both emerging and established luxury brands are constantly working to reinvent themselves, connect digitally and capture the heart of the next luxury consumer.

Is Technology Displacing Craftsmanship?

In the world of luxury personalisation, the relationship between technology and craftsmanship is changing, does that mean our definition of luxury is changing too?

Chatbots: 5 Luxury Brand Examples

As consumers become more and more digitally savvy and comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence online, the luxury industry can no longer just observe this situation from afar. Digital Luxury Group’s social media lead, Frédéric Huber, reports. When Apple launched Siri back in 2010, it was one of the first times that the public had direct…