Swiss Luxury Conference (SLC) is an exclusive forum for knowledge exchange and networking by and for Swiss luxury companies. Finding inspiration, companies can share best knowledge and experience in a trusting framework. The goal is to learn from each other as well as to exchange best practice and lessons learned. In addition, high-quality contacts can be readily maintained and established. SLC creates a forum for cooperation with selected partners and enables an increase in brand awareness through presentation of the brand to selected participants.

Since 2016, SLC has been a platform for Swiss luxury companies to exchange information and to benefit from one another. SLC deals with current topics with a special focus on marketing and sales. Numerous well-known companies have already become friends and participants of the SLC.


The establishment and expansion of a strong, sustainable and well functioning Swiss luxury brand network that goes beyond the SLC as well as offering other services, benefits and cooperation’s.


Our attendees are prestigious owners and managers from Swiss luxury companies. Since the quality of the SLC depends very much on the quality of participants, personal invitations are sent by post. Participants from a wide range of industries ensure an exciting and informative exchange: Examples include fashion, watches and jewellery, hotels, industry, luxury foods, sports, retail, real estate …


Anna Raab is a specialist of international luxury industry. She has many years of experience and know-how in the Swiss luxury market and understands fist-hand the challenges and needs of the industry.

With background in business studies, and an MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing, Anna creates new perspectives through this forum, to benefit all participants of the Swiss Luxury Conference.